Underwear: what is the best solution to avoid having marks under your clothes?

Fashion is a field that has always evolved over the years. No matter what clothes you choose though, wearing panties is always recommended. However, they can be a problem in some cases. The marks of panties on your body are indeed unattractive and can even be a source of discomfort in some cases. Finding the perfect panty for you can be quite difficult. Therefore, discovering solutions to eliminate panty lines is a must.

Choose the right size

The ideal panty is the one that gives you optimal comfort during the day. To choose the right panties, you will have to consider several criteria at once. The size is one of the most important parameters. Putting on panties that are smaller than your size is indeed the main cause of unsightly marks at the end of the day. On the other hand, panties that are too big can cause problems. Therefore, take the time to try on several pairs of panties before deciding. Also, be aware that your body shape changes over time. Therefore, do not forget to systematically review the panty size adapted to your personal needs.

Choose the type that suits you

At the moment, there are several types of panties available in modern stores. Some of them can be ideal if you want to avoid panty lines. Among the most effective, you can find the "shorty". In addition to covering your buttocks completely, this type of panty is particularly comfortable. In the same genre, granny panties can also be very effective in this order. Moreover, this particular type has come back into fashion recently.

Finding the right fit

Choosing the right outfit to wear during the day is also an effective solution to fight against panty lines. Generally speaking, if you wear tight pants, wearing thin lace panties is appropriate. G-string type panties are more suitable for wider clothes if you want to avoid marks.

In the same concept, tights can also be an alternative to avoid unsightly marks on your hip or buttocks.

Finally, changing your panties every half-day will also give your skin a break while avoiding temporary marks.

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