How to choose “Charms” to personalize your bracelets?

Wearing a personalized bracelet can make you feel good. To make it attractive, you can transform it by using pieces and charms of your choice. In fact, you can make an elegant and simple combination to add value to your charms. What types of charms to choose for your bracelet? How to know the right size of your bracelet?

How do you maintain your bracelet?

Personalize your bracelet

To personalize your bracelet, you can use charms. There are several types of charms, depending on the theme, color and style. For example, you can use three Stoppers or two minimum to balance and hold the charms. Apart from that, you can also choose Separators which are small beads that allow you to customize your charms. They are used to cover the spaces between the charms. Otherwise, there is also the Safety Chain which is used to block the charms. This last one is placed on each end of the bracelet. With this chain, it is easy to close your bracelet and make it more original.

Choose the right size

You have to choose the right size of bracelet so that it does not move on your wrist. If you have a soft bracelet, it is advisable to choose a size that is fairly tight. With time, it will loosen up as it has charms. For the Jonc bracelet, you only need a small gap between the bracelet and your wrist. In order not to make a mistake, you must first measure your wrist. If you choose a Silver Jonc bracelet and your wrist measures between 15 or 16 cm, the ideal is to take a size of 17 cm. And if your wrist measures 19 to 20 cm, take the 21 cm size. For soft bracelets such as the Pearl and the Snake mesh, simply add 2 cm to your wrist measurements.

Maintain your bracelet well

To properly care for your bracelet, it is advisable to store your jewelry separately in a jewelry pocket or box. You must protect the leather bracelet and the cultured pearl bracelet from sunlight. During its cleaning, you must avoid using hard products, because it may damage the shine of your jewelry. Use a soft cloth instead. Also, avoid contact with salt water, chlorine, perspiration, perfumes and cleaning products, especially for leather bracelets. Before going to do sports, gardening or important work, it is necessary to remove your bracelet to keep its shine.

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