How to wear sneakers while remaining feminine?

For more comfort, some women opt for the inevitable sneakers. However, these do  not really bring out the graciousness of the woman. In addition, wearing several types of shoes will help you avoid a certain monotony. For this reason, some tips will be proposed to you to make the sneakers suit your female height.

To match your skirt or dress with sneakers

At present, the skirt is subject of sexism. Indeed, this garment of cylindrical form would be only dedicated for the woman. To do this, it would be enough to simply wear one so that your sneakers can impregnate its femininity. Previously, people had difficulty wearing sneakers and skirts because it seemed contradictory. Thus, the skirt was only to be worn with stiletto heels or ballet flats. However, the  South Korean culture made it easy to assimilate. Now, all models of skirts can be associated with all types of sneakers. In recent years, the white ones have taken precedence over the others for all suits.

Make your sneakers ultra-feminine with girly pants and top

Yes, it is possible to associate your sneakers with pants. However, you need a model that is designed for women so that the shoes do not give you a boyish effect. For example, you can opt for a palazzo, a skinny or a namaste tic. Knowing that the pants will not succeed in expressing 100% of your femininity, you should then find a top that will manage to compensate for this. To achieve this, people match their pants with a jacket or a much more girly top such as blouses, crop-tops or tunics. From time to time, the woman can also combine their sneakers with a classic extremely flashy t-shirt.

Make your sneakers stand out with accessories

If the previous dress styles do not inspire you, then you can adorn your sneakers with feminine accessories such as bandoliers, necklaces or bracelets. Nowadays, there are no more dress code rules, so you don't have to wear white sneakers all the time if you are hesitant. Since sneakers contrast a little with feminine outfits, it is still advisable to wear them with fairly discreet accessories to avoid a fashion faux pas. On the other hand, style can also be found in simplicity.

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