What is the difference between calf leather and cowhide?

Leather is generally a part of the skin removed from an animal and then treated by the technique of tanning to make it malleable and rot-proof. It is a very popular material in making leather goods, such ads shoes and…

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Sunglasses: discover the pairs that will make you look gorgeous this summer!

Whether for an adult or a child, wearing sunglasses remains chic and trendy. Want to look great for summer? Opt for a pair of must-have sunglasses and get a front row seat to being modern and stylish. Also, it’s a…

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The hat: why not dare this fashion accessory?

Very practical in everyday life, the hat is one of the accessories not to be missed. For lack of self-confidence, some people prefer not to wear it. They think that this headgear is for the elite. Indeed, it is a…

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The comeback of the chain belt in our dressings!

The belt is an essential accessory for both women and men. Indeed, it serves to support a garment, it serves to give a perfect look to sublimate the silhouette. Currently, the chain belt is back. The belt: an essential element…

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The bandana: an accessory to wear everywhere!

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a bandana can guarantee a stylish look no matter what the occasion is. So, if you’re invited to a rock concert or an important date, you can be sure to look stylish when you choose…

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