How to wear jogging pants while remaining chic?

Much more chic than it seems, the jogging suit is no longer reserved for sports. Today, it is endlessly reinvented and it has become more popular than jeans. If you're a fan of a comfortable chic look, this garment has clearly found its place in your wardrobe. But how to wear this outfit if you want to stay stylish?

Choose the right model of your jogging suit to be chic

The jogging suit is perfect for a chic and casual look in everyday life. Its fluid cut, slightly adjusted at the bottom of the legs, allows it to go beyond the stage of simple sports pants. The jogging gives you a good freedom of movement.

To look chic and trendy, you need to select the right model. To wear your jogging suit with style, you should not confuse your sportswear with the fashion clothes you are going to wear in town. Its cut should create a fashionable spirit to your look. If you want to have a trendy look, a model with an elastic band at the bottom of the legs is not recommended. It is better to go for straight legged and wide enough models with bands on the sides.

The materials and colors of the jogging suit: criteria not to be neglected

Regarding the material, a wide choice is offered to you, such as the jogging pants in fleece, silk, leather, satin, velvet, cashmere, etc. The slim sweatpants are interesting for their easy to wear side. The carrot jogging is also very popular. These pants are a little wide in the buttocks and tight on the ankles. Most jogging pants are also tightened at the waist with a cord or an elastic string. Some models can also open on the side of the leg, thanks to a series of snaps.

As for colors, you can keep it simple by opting for neutral shades such as navy blue, black, burgundy or brown. Light colors, especially cream and white are also easy to combine to create a stylish and colorful look.

Matching your clothes

For a city style, the jogging suit can be worn with any type of low shoes such as a charming pair of boots or slippers. To appear more chic, you can also pair it with a

blouse and heels. In fact, it's best to pair it with at least one chic piece to break up its sporty image. If you are more daring, wear your jogging with a blazer and a thin stiletto sandal or a pump. This shows a studied style ultra-quirky. In case you are rather shy, combine your tracksuit with a pair of trendy sneakers, a cashmere sweater and a beautiful silver or gold necklace.

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