How to wear a skirt with boots?

With a pair of boots in summer, the skirt is easy to wear. Throughout the winter, putting together a fashionable outfit to wear with skirts sometimes becomes more difficult. Discover brand new ideas and tips on women's clothing styles with skirts and boots with high or flat heels.

The long skirt

Also known as "maxi skirts", long skirts are more than just summer dresses reserved for women's clothing styles during the summer. These maxi skirts are also suitable for winter days. Whether you opt for a flared, pleated, or pencil cut, to each skirt corresponds a pair of boots. You can use fashion accessories such as a belt to make your dress style complete. This will not only give you a touch of creativity to the whole, but also help you get a structured effect.

True fashion of the season, the patterned satin maxi skirt can be paired with a pair of cowboy-style leather high boots and a sweater, or you can choose a pair of heeled boots to stretch your legs. The combination of high boots and maxi skirt gives an exceptionally trendy and sophisticated look.

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The short skirt

Buttoned, high-waisted, flared, wrap-around, flowing, knit, denim or leather, the short skirts are part of the essential pieces of the female wardrobe. During the winter, we dare to put them with tights and high boots.

You can choose suede flat boots to match with a floral print skirt in order to create a femme fatale look. Opt for dark colors like brown or black, so you can easily put them on. If you go for the heeled boots, try the 70s styles. Wear a colored or patent leather bootie version that can be paired with a skate or straight skirt.

The skirt hanging over the ankle boots harmonizes the silhouette and ensures a charming and feminine dress style. You can contrast with patterned or colored skirts, suede or leather, as your plain ankle boots are both chic and elegant.

The mid-length skirt

Also known as "midi skirt", the mid-length skirt is a stylish item that can be matched with high boots provided you choose boots with heels. Prefer a thin or rather needle heel so as not to thicken the silhouette. In order to avoid faux pas, please consider the balance and harmony of your silhouette. Use colors and materials to make a contrast between the boots and the garment. The combination of these 2 powerful pieces of your wardrobe guarantees a gorgeous look.

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