What is the ideal height for wearing heels?

The ideal heel height does not really exist. However, to figure it out, this depends on several parameters, including the look of a person, his activity, his clothes, as well as the proportion of his accessories. It is necessary to be aware then of one’s look and its composition to be able to define the height of a heel. What is the ideal height for each criterion then?

High heels over 8 cm

The very high heels do not go with a short dress, especially if the latter is very low cut. The set displays a fashion faux pas. The long dress can be well worn by shoes with very high heels of more than 10 cm, especially for an evening or a wedding. The set will display a vertiginous look. You can visit the Brunello Cucinelli dress collection to find the most suitable dress for your 10 cm heels.

If you are not used to wearing high heels, prefer shoes with a platform that reduces the arch. The arch is the curve of the foot and the greater the height of the platform, the more it decreases. For a 10 cm heel with a 3 cm platform, the arch is equal to 7 cm. You can also choose a square toe or wedge heel instead of a stiletto to help balance your ankles.

Medium heels from 4 to 7 cm

This heel height is very trendy. It also provides good support for the foot and adjusts the arch of the back. This height can be worn throughout the day without damaging the feet and toes. It goes well with pants, mid-length dresses, skirt suits. This is the kind of heel that is suitable for many pieces and accessories. It always displays femininity and can be worn, on a daily basis no matter what the event: at work, in town, visiting parents or in-laws, a date, etc. However, it is not ideal for a long evening dress.

Small heels of 2 to 3 cm

This height of heels is the most recommended by podiatrists for daily wear. However, this height is the least recommended by fashion stylists, because it does not enhance femininity. What must be taken into account then, is the composition of the entire look to be able to wear this height while remaining very chic and feminine. You have to know how to combine the types of heels with short skirts or dresses and with small shorts in order to highlight them. You should also know that this kind of heels does not benefit girls of small size. If you have to wear them, you have to know how to associate them with short clothes and above the knees garments to harmonize the whole.

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