How to wear a long dress when you are small?

All girls usually have dresses in their dressing room that they like to wear on various occasions such as parties and weddings. Some of them are striped, others are floral. These clothes are also distinguished by their lengths. Among the trends, there are notably long dresses. Unfortunately, these are not suitable for all body types. Is it possible to wear this kind of dresses when you are short? If so, how can you stay chic and avoid getting too short?

Tip #1: Choose long, high-waisted dresses

Whether it's a dress, jeans or slim fit, petite girls should always go for high waists as Brunello Cucinelli shows so well in his photos. These types of clothes tend to slim the figure. People on the outside and even those who wear them will then feel that these girls are taller. The choice of patterns depends entirely on your personal taste. However, avoid horizontal stripes. They make you look small and fat. To find the right pattern, many look ideas are regularly published on specialized websites. Feel free to browse through them to find what suits you best.

Tip #2: Choose a long dress that is not too flared and not too flouncy

A small girl or woman must always assert her size to stand out. She must at all costs avoid compressing her silhouette with clothes that are too big. That's why it's important not to wear long dresses that are too flared or have too many ruffles. These details,  although they seem insignificant, can ruin your look. If you want to wear a long dress, adopt tips that will not weigh down your figure. This doesn't mean you have to choose tight dresses. The goal is to find a good balance.

Tip #3: Choose light and fluid materials

To wear a long dress with pride when you are small, the ideal is to cheat with the materials. How? By opting for light fabrics like tulles, voile and lace, you prevent people from focusing on your size. Thanks to the beauty of your dress and the effects of transparency, they will be more focused on these things. If needed, don't hesitate to ask a professional for advice. Many fashion stylists offer free advice on their personal blogs.    

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