How to choose an engagement ring?

A woman will look at her wedding ring many times throughout her life. It is an exceptional ring, symbolizing the ceremony of passage and eternal love into adulthood dating back to ancient Rome. Such an essential gift must be carefully selected, especially in terms of gemstones, materials and design, as there are many models. But the question now is ‘how to choose an engagement ring’?

The type of metal: a criterion to consider

Of course, a fairly well-known choice is 18 karat gold. However, just like strength, 9 karat gold is an increasingly popular option that will satisfy you for its low cost. It is made of a lower percentage of gold, less than 18 karat gold, offering a much better quality/price-design ratio. Note that it is also worth discovering solitaire rings in platinum, which is a solid material, but which is more expensive than gold.

Color: another criterion to take seriously

Also, the selection of the color is supposed to reflect the personality of the bride. If she is used to wearing platinum jewelry, it is best to turn to this option to ensure that no mistakes are made. Yellow gold is a classic in jewelry. The carats vary according to its purity: the higher the purity, the stronger the color. This golden color is very suitable for warm skin. Platinum is a new option, which will enhance the only diamond with fairly clean hues. Over time, platinum tends to turn yellow, but a coating of rhodium every five years can return it to its original color. Pure (yellow) gold, silver and copper are not as cool as platinum and are more primitive than yellow gold. The soft hue enhances a darker complexion. The color pink is also very trendy at the moment.

The model: a criterion not to be neglected

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, say, the type of metal and color, you should also consider the model of the engagement ring before buying it. You should know that in general, there are 3 categories of version namely the trilogy, the guided solitaire and the solitaire. If you need more information or if you want to

know the particularity of each of the existing models, you just have to do some online search.

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