Which sandals to wear for a chic look this summer?

It's summertime! Who doesn't dream of a good style everywhere after a long winter shutdown? It's obvious, for every season there is always a corresponding fashion.

Apart from clothes and accessories, shoes and sandals are equally important to bring out the look. But for this season, there are some basic shoes to have in your wardrobe to be chic. Read this article to learn more.

The wedge shoes

They are always on point. During the summer, these shoes are well in tune with the sun, the sky and especially the heat. In addition, they are light, elegant, comfortable and easy to remove. They also make you feel taller. Wedge sandals are appropriate for any event such as work, parties, meetings and large ceremonies. You have a wide choice according to your taste. Simply put, these shoes are ideal for both spring and summer.

Flat sandals and barefoot shoes

These are the classic summer shoes. Having a pair of flat sandals is also very reasonable and comfortable. Once you have them in your footwear, you can put them on at any time. Indeed, flat sandals and nude shoes are suitable for almost any outfit, yet some models are reserved for home, yard, walk, errands and daily life. Since their use remains limited, flat sandals and nude shoes cannot be considered as versatile shoes.

The main trends for this year

Recently, slippers, square heeled sandals are surfacing in shoe stores this summer. Indeed, the height has had a relevant role in fashion. Whatever the moment, it is everywhere! Not to mention the pumps, the babies and the flip-flops. These shoes offer an exceptional look. You will not have to worry; with a nice little light dress you can be chic and beautiful during a sunny day.

Don't forget to play with the right colors, opt for tropical and bright colors instead. Prints are also always recommended. The right color combination is also essential, for example a blue top, a green skirt and red sandals, it's really not a good look. So, choose the right ones!

We hope that this article has helped you to find your style and not to worry about this problem anymore. All the solutions are on your hand.

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