5 tips for cleaning white sneakers!

Published on : 08 July 20212 min reading time

Spring is the perfect time to break out your white sneakers. With their bright color, they can easily get stained and lose their whiteness after only a few wears. To restore their color, a few homemade tricks are effective. Among them, the soap of Marseille, the gum, the milk and the toothpaste.

Marseille soap

Renowned for its many qualities, Marseille soap is effective for cleaning white sneakers. It allows to polish the stiffest dirt. That’s why it is advisable to use an original product. This one works even with leather. With a small used toothbrush or a sponge, get rid of black stains.

The gum

Your child’s unused white eraser can help you remove persistent dirt from your white shoes. It does a good job of removing small black spots from your sneakers. To wash leather sneakers, avoid the washing machine.

Grandma’s recipes

A three-ingredient grandmother’s recipe effectively fights dirt on white sneakers. It consists of mixing a small amount of warm water with baking soda and a few drops of lemon. The mixture is applied to the stained tennis with a brush or sponge.

Thanks to its disinfectant property, lemon also eliminates bad odors inside the shoes.

The milk

In addition to its health benefits, milk has other advantages. Not only does it help clean your baby’s bottom, but it also works against greasy stains on your white sneakers. This nutrient-rich food can work wonders on your dirty sneakers.


Toothpaste is a deadly weapon against dirt. Before applying it, wipe a dampened sponge over the surface of your shoes. Then, on a used toothbrush, put a dab of toothpaste and rub the dirty areas of your tennis shoes. Insist meticulously on stubborn marks. After a good application of the product on your sneakers, use a tissue to remove the excess toothpaste. You’ll see that your shoes will look like new.

Waterproof your white sneakers to protect them from dirt and external aggression. With an adapted product, you will save your sneakers during the beautiful season.

To do this, simply place a colorless protective film on the surface of the shoes. The element will protect them from stains and moisture.

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