The pearl necklace: the must-have of this summer!

Pearls are a symbol of elegance, chic and noble beauty. As Coco Chanel said, "every woman needs an infinite number of them". How did the history of pearls unfold, what should you wear with them, and who are they suitable for?

Beads - history

Long ago, precisely in the twentieth century, pearls were promoted by the French fashion designer. The designer wore them with tweed suits and short jackets. Pearl jewelry especially triumphed in the fashion of the 1920s, as you will see if you watch the movie "The Great Gatsby". At that time, women completed their sets with strings of pearls and wore them with low-cut dresses. In the 50s and 60s, this accessory was paired with a little black dress. Pearls symbolized luxury and timelessness. These were often chosen by representatives of the influential elite.

Thanks to the French fashion designer, who popularized the fashion of artificial jewelry, they can still be worn by all women, regardless of their social status.

Beads - styling

Today, pearls come in many different forms that you can see on the fashion runways. Beads have also found their way into the everyday wardrobe. Last fall, they appeared on sweaters, jeans and accessories such as berets or chain handbags. Fashion bloggers interpreted beads in different ways, combining elegance and nonchalance, timeless style and latest trends. They are also part of the trends this summer. This time, trends in various shapes and colors are back in grace. Large pearls are also in fashion - unique pieces, but with large dimensions. Also, spectacular pearl rings and minimalist vintage designs will find their place in our sets.

How to wear pearls?

Natural pearls are a perfect addition to any professional look. You can wear a short necklace with a white shirt, jacket and skirt. In the casual version, elegant jewelry can be matched with a cardigan and cigarette pants. If you are going out, we recommend a duo: pearls combined with a little black dress, jacket and heels.

Pearls are perfect with retro hairstyles and red lipstick. However, their size, color and shape should be chosen individually depending on the occasion, type of beauty and style. For women with subtle facial features and a romantic nature, we recommend light-colored pearls, for example white or cream, and in a smaller size. On the other hand, if you like expressive accessories, opt for black or lavender pearls.

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