The comeback of the chain belt in our dressings!

The belt is an essential accessory for both women and men. Indeed, it serves to support a garment, it serves to give a perfect look to sublimate the silhouette.

Currently, the chain belt is back.

The belt: an essential element in a woman's wardrobe

Among the accessories worn by women, the belt is somewhat forgotten. However, it plays an important role in the style of a woman's outfit. Indeed, in terms of look, the belt is an accessory that can give clues about the person in question. Thus, these make the difference and have their little effects to give a perfect look. Thus, the belt is an accessory that can sculpt your figure. However, it is essential that it is compatible with your morphology and according to the type of clothing you wear. In the dressing room of a woman, there are at least two types of belts. Let's take the example of the rope belt or the belt with chain. Certainly, to have a very fashionable look, do not forget your belt.

The return of the chain belt

Around the year 1970 to 1980, the chain belt was in fashion. It was the type of belt that encircled the waist of models like Celine, Versace and Chanel. Today, it is back. It has conquered the hearts of all women. Many girls, women and even grandmothers are wearing chain belts. Whether you want a casual or rather chic look, wearing a chain belt is the right idea. Whether it's gold or silver, it's a great match for any outfit.

How to wear a chain belt properly?

To highlight your waist, the chain belt is ideal. First of all, this element is perfect to tighten your waist in an elegant way. Therefore, it is ideal if you wear it with an oversized shirt or a blazer. Then, it allows you to embellish your dress, whether it is a sweater dress, or a blazer dress. Then, the chain belt can be worn with high waisted jeans or flare pants. Besides, if you want to have a monochrome look or a sober look, this belt will serve to wake up your silhouette.

Dear women, the belt accentuates and enlivens your beautiful silhouettes!

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