Fashion: brand competition is cut-throat!

In order to keep up with fashion and remain successful, clothing designers are fighting competitive battles both in France and abroad. The competition has become stronger due to the evolution of fashion effects, development of franchises, branches, sale of clothes in specialized department stores, evolution of logistics, etc. Brunello Cucinelli brand is known for its mastery of cashmere and timeless style pieces.

Fashion: brand

Fashion trends and style tips

Find out what’s in fashion by browsing the clothing manufacturers’ catalog. Create a cool wardrobe by choosing eco-friendly and clean-lined clothing, more on

Choosing the right shoes

Choosing the right shoes

It's important to wear the right size shoes. By deliberately choosing to wear tight shoes, they become distorted. This can cause posture problems, foot pain, etc.

Choose star fabrics

Choose star fabrics

Each fabric has its own specificity. When you want to sew your own clothes, use fabrics that match the look you want to give to your creations. The result depends on the material you choose.

Wear unique style pieces

Wear unique style pieces

Wearing strong, uniquely styled pieces is trickier to tackle than more basic clothing. Fortunately, with a little practice and the right accessories, your strong pieces can make you irresistible.

Fashion accessories: tips and must-have pieces

Fashion accessories help personalize your outfits. Hats, necklaces, earrings, scarves are must-have pieces that reveal your personality. In addition to enhancing your look, these accessories complete your style:


Opt for sunglasses which match your face shape.


Chain Belt

Focus on chain belts to complete your look.



Choose a bandana designed with a printed style fabric.


Discover a wide selection of hats to dress up your head.

style-enhancing jewelry

Men's fashion codes

Stylish men can adopt many styles like varying colors, choosing the right materials, etc.

The must-have style-enhancing jewelry

To adopt a chic and original style, you must keep in your jewelry box some must-have items that enhance your look. Women who wear the right jewelry will be able to enhance their look and their outfit. A designer necklace highlights a shape. By choosing the models with a remarkable thickness, you can enjoy a work combining several materials: pearls, metals, shells, textiles, plastics, etc. When you choose your jewelry, you must master certain key criteria. The white gold necklace allows you to display a bright style. To offer a traditional character to your style, favor jewelry in yellow gold.

Fashion lovers' paradise

To be stylish, you need to master certain fashion techniques like choosing the right swimsuit or dress for your body type. Fashion lovers who want to elongate their figures can rely on wearing flare jeans.

Fashion magazines

Fashion magazines

To keep up with the latest fashion trends, it is best to subscribe to specialized magazines.

Fashion weeks

Fashion Weeks are mainly organized in the Big Four: Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Store windows

The shop window is an essential means of communication for a fashion boutique.